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How To Install A Garage Door Opener

By August 28, 2023February 29th, 2024No Comments7 min read
Garage Door Opener Installation

The Benefits of Having a Garage Door Opener

Having a garage door opener installed can be a great way to enhance the convenience and security of your home. With an automated system, you won’t have to manually open and close the door each time you need access to your garage. Plus, it will help keep intruders out by preventing anyone from entering without permission.

Comparing Different Types of Openers

While there are variations in the ways garage door openers work they all have the same function of moving the garage door up and down.

This is only possible because the garage door springs balance out the weight of the garage door making it light enough for the garage door opener to guide it up or down. With a broken spring, the door would be too heavy and most doors require two garage door springs.

There are several types of garage door openers available on the market today, so let’s take a look at some of the 3 major features that differentiate them from one another.

a. Chain-drive garage door openers

Chain-drive garage door openers are an economical and reliable choice for garage door installation. They consist of a chain, which is connected to a motor that opens the door via an arm. Chain-drive openers are generally noisier than other types of openers but they can be up to 25% cheaper than other models.

b. Belt-drive garage door openers

Belt-drive garage door openers are a great choice if noise levels are an issue, as they operate very quietly. They feature a rubber or fiberglass belt that is connected to the motor and is designed to last longer than chain-drive models. The downside of this type of opener is that they tend to be more expensive than their

c. Screw-drive garage door openers

Screw-drive openers are a reliable and durable option for opening your garage. They consist of an electric motor that is connected to a steel screw, which runs along the garage door track to move the door. However, due to the complexity of the system, they tend to be more expensive than other types of openers.

Garage Door Opener Installation

Garage door opener installation can be a great way to upgrade the convenience and security of your home. There are three different types of openers and a handful of different companies that make great garage door openers.

When it comes to garage door opener replacement it is best practice to consult with a garage door company. Often this can be a same day service and your broken garage door opener can be replaced in a couple of hours.

Garage Door Opener Repair

In some cases, it is not always necessary to replace the whole garage door opener. Often expert garage door installers can determine what part of your opener is causing your garage door problem and can do a small repair.

Most new garage doors come with a warranty to cover the cost of parts for these garage door opener repairs. However, this is often not the case with an old garage door opener.

Why is it better to have a garage door opener installed by experts

Installing a new garage door opener can be a complicated task. It involves power tool expertise, climbing a ladder while holding heavy pieces, and even electrical work.

We always recommend calling a garage door company for your garage door repair and garage door installations. There is a major difference between an expert install and a self-install garage door opener and that is the track.

In a self-install package, your track will be 4-5 metal bars that connect. While an expert install will come with a track that is a solid metal bar.

This will create a much more stable system preventing more mishaps, lessening maintenance, lowering the noise, and prolonging the life of your new garage door opener.

State 48 Garage Doors favorite garage door openers

Here at State 48 Garage Doors, we are all about giving our customers the best quality customer service and products. That is why we only carry LiftMaster garage door openers on all of our trucks. LiftMaster is rated the highest in quality, reliability, and life span.

Here is our arsenal of LiftMaster garage door openers that range from our basic and most affordable opener to the quietest and most technologically advanced garage door opener on the market!

LiftMaster 81600 (good)– This garage door opener is equipped with built-in Wi-Fi® for smartphone control through the myQ® app

– A DC motor for smooth and quiet operation

-Industrial-strength chain drive

-Improved Wi-Fi connectivity and enhanced memory to support new myQ features and solutions, integrated Bluetooth technology to reduce setup time, real-time insights via the Health Report in the myQ app alerts, and error codes if an issue arises.

LiftMaster 81600

LiftMaster 84505R (better)

– Featuring a built-in camera with video and 2-way audio communication through the myQ® app, this garage door opener enables you to control, secure and monitor your garage from anywhere.

-It is equipped with an ultra-quiet DC motor and strong belt drive system for comfortable living spaces near the garage and an integrated LED lighting system that brightens high-traffic areas of the garage with 1500 lumens of light.

-Additionally, this opener works with Amazon Key for convenient In-Garage Delivery of packages as well as groceries – allowing you to watch deliveries happen in real-time.

-With the myQ Diagnostics’ Health Report in the myQ app, receive alerts and error codes if any issue arises along with connecting to professional services when needed.​

LiftMaster 84505

LiftMaster 87504 (best)

– The LiftMaster 87504 garage door opener is the best option for installation, featuring a built-in camera with video and 2-way audio communication to the myQ app.

– Get full control, security, and monitoring of your garage from anywhere using the myQ app.

– Enjoy bright lighting in every corner of your garage with up to 2,000 lumens of LED light emitted by its 360° light ring.

– With battery backup, you can get in and out even during power outages. Purchase a backup battery here (paid link)

– Its ultra-quiet DC motor and strong belt drive system ensure comfortable living near the garage.

– Compatible with Amazon Key for secure deliveries right into your own garage – watch them happen in real time!

– Diagnostics are provided through the Health Report feature on the myQ app which will alert you if an issue arises while connecting you to professionals when needed.

LiftMaster 87504

Book Your Garage Door Opener Installation Now

If you’re ready to take the plunge and upgrade your garage door opener, State 48 Garage Doors is here for you. We offer installation services for all these LiftMaster openers and can help you find the best model for your needs.

Give us a call today at (602) 329-6018 or book an appointment online and let us help you navigate the world of garage door openers.  We look forward to helping you create a safer, more efficient, and more reliable garage door opener system for your home. 

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