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Garage Weather Stripping

garage door weather strip

What's The Purpose A Garage Door Weather Strip?

A garage door weather strip acts as a barrier between your garage door and driveway, providing shielding from the elements. It helps keep insects, dirt, and debris out while also conserving energy by minimizing drafts, wind, and dust that might enter your home’s living space. Generally, it is made of rubber or PVC material.

garage Door Worn out weather strip

How Do I Know If I Need A New Garage Door Weather Strip?

Inspecting the weather strip of your garage door is an important part of making sure your garage is safe. Check for any cracks or tears, which can be indicative of wear that may need to be addressed. In addition, take a look around your garage door to ensure no insects or dust buildup has occurred in your garage. It pays to check your weather strip to help keep out that Arizona dust and those dangerous Arizona insects like scorpions and snakes.

How State 48 Garage Doors Can Help You With A New Garage Door Weather Strip!

At State 48 Garage Doors, we understand how important it is for you to have a functioning garage door weather strip. Not only does it help with insulation, but it also helps keep out any insects, dust or debris that could potentially damage your belongings or harm your family. If you find yourself needing to replace your garage door weather strip, don’t worry – our team is here for you! Give us a call and we can replace it quickly, efficiently and effectively. Additionally, as part of routine maintenance, we recommend wiping down the weather strip with a wet rag and some soap once every three months or after any dust storms that come through your area. We’re looking forward to hearing from you!

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