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Garage Door Spring

When Do I Need A New Garage Door Spring Replacement?

Replacing garage door springs can be a daunting and dangerous task, especially if you’ve never done it before so leave it to the experts at State 48 Garage Doors. Now, knowing whether or not your garage door springs need to be replaced is key in ensuring your garage door works properly and safely. It pays off to be alert to the signs that mean it’s time for a replacement, such as when they begin to make more noise than usual, have visible cracks that have formed over time, or if they aren’t able to lift the garage door anymore. In the later case you will see a noticeable break in the spring. If you have two garage doors, it’s best practice to replace both garage door springs; this will reduce strain on one spring and keep your garage door working effectively for longer.

How State 48 Garage Doors Can Help You With Your Garage Door Springs!

When you are in need of garage door springs replacement, State 48 Garage Doors has an unbeatable solution. We offer a variety of spring options that have been tested to average 10,000 to 30,000 cycles. Additionally, our experienced technicians can provide garage door springs with a 50,000 and even 100,000 cycle capacity! So whether you’re looking for long term garage door reliability or peace of mind for the next few years, State 48 Garage Doors is here to help. Contact us today!

How To Estimate How Long Your Garage Door Springs Will Last!

  • How many average times a day do you open your garage door?
    • Example: Our family averages opening our garage door 4 times a day
  • Multiply that number by 365.
    • Example: 4 x 365 = 1,460
  • This will equal the number of cycles you use your garage door a year.
    • Example: 1,460 cycles a year
  • How many cycles do your springs have?
    • Example:  State 48 Garage Doors standards are 10,000 cycle springs and 30,000 cycle springs
  • Divide the number of cycles your spring has by the number of cycles you use your garage door a year.
    • Example: 10,000 cycle spring / 1,460 cycles a year = 6.8 years
  • This will estimate the number of years your springs will last
    • Example: By opening our garage door an average of 4 times a day and equipping our garage with a 10,000 cycle spring we will most likely be replacing a broken spring in about 6.8 years

Garage Door Spring Lifespan Calculator

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