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Garage Door Spring Repair Cost

By September 7, 2023March 20th, 2024No Comments5 min read
Garage Door Spring Repair Cost

Having a broken garage door spring can be a major inconvenience for any homeowner. It not only disrupts your daily routine but also poses several safety risks. In Phoenix, where the weather is harsh, your garage door spring is likely to wear out quickly. It is important to note that garage door spring repair is not a DIY project, and attempting to fix it yourself can result in severe injuries. This blog post aims to inform Phoenix homeowners about the process of repairing garage door springs, the dangers of doing it yourself, and the cost of hiring a professional.

What Does a Garage Door Spring Do?

A garage door spring provides counterbalance to the heavy weight of the door, making it easy to open and close. When the spring breaks, the door becomes too heavy for the opener, and you may experience difficulty opening it. There are two types of garage door springs: torsion and extension. Torsion springs are larger, located above the door, and they require more work to repair than extension springs. Extension springs are located on either side of the door and are less common in homes here in Phoenix.

What are the Dangers of Garage Door Springs?

The process of repairing garage door springs involves removing the old spring and installing a new one. This may sound easy, but it requires specialized equipment and knowledge of how to handle garage door springs safely. Between 20,000 and 30,000 injuries occur from garage doors a year in the US (learn more). Because of the risk of serious injury, garage door spring repair is best left to experienced professionals.

Attempting to repair garage door springs yourself can lead to serious injuries, including cuts, bruises, and even broken bones. Furthermore, a mistake in the repair can result in serious damages to your garage door or opener or any vehicles or property inside your garage. The cost of injury or damage repair is higher than hiring a professional to handle the situation. Therefore, it is important to always engage a professional if your garage door spring needs repair.

Garage Door Spring Cost

The cost of repairing garage door springs will depend on the type of spring you need, the size of the door, and the extent of the damage. So an exact price is not possible until an experienced garage door technician is on site to assess all the details and damage.

When it comes to garage door repairs, the cost of fixing a broken spring can vary depending on a few factors. Different types of springs, such as torsion and extension, can affect the overall price. Additionally, the number of springs required for your garage door, if cables or spring pads need replacing, and whether or not a conversion is needed from an extension or Wayne-Dalton system to a standard torsion spring system can all incur additional costs.

Also choosing a garage door spring, it’s not a one-size-fits-all situation. You’ll want to consider the level of cycles the spring can handle, especially if you use your garage door as the main entrance to your home. Don’t settle for the standard spring that lasts for about 10,000 cycles – instead, consider upgrading to an option that can handle 25,000, 50,000, or even 100,000 cycles. It’s important to have a garage door spring that is dependable and long-lasting. Investing in a higher cycle spring can give you peace of mind and ensure that your garage door is operating smoothly for years to come.

The cost of repairing a garage door spring also varies depending on the service provider. For a standard 10,000 cycle double spring repair you can expect a garage door spring cost anywhere from $300-$600 depending on some of the additional repairs we mentioned. However, don’t let the cost deter you from seeking professional help. In the long run, a professional repair may save you money in terms of making sure the job is done correctly and minimizing damages and future repairs.


In conclusion, garage door spring repair is an important homeowner issue that should be taken seriously. Safety always comes first, and hiring a professional to repair your garage door spring is the best way to protect yourself and your property. Attempting a DIY repair can lead to serious injuries or damages. When it comes to the cost of repair, always look for a local reputable service provider to ensure that you get a fair price and a quality repair job done. Don’t let a broken garage door spring break your heart; always seek professional help.

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