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Broken/Worn Rollers in Phoenix Arizona

What Are Garage Door Rollers?

Garage door rollers are an essential part of making sure that your garage door opens and closes smoothly. They are the small round wheels found the rails of a garage door assembly. When the opener closes the garage door, these rollers absorb some of the force and lessen the noise that is created when the door slams shut. Maintenance is important to make sure they are properly lubricated and not out of alignment – check them twice a year to avoid any potential problems! Properly maintained rollers will ensure you have easy access to your garage without disruption, too much noise or inconvenience.

Why Would I Need To Replace My Garage Door Rollers?

Many homeowners can find themselves in a situation where they need to replace their garage door rollers. The average roller has a lifespan of up to 5-10 years, so if yours are nearing that age or if you're not sure how old they are, it's best to replace them with fresh, high-quality rollers so that they can function more quietly and take care of your home more efficiently. Regular inspection and maintenance of your rollers can help make them last even longer than usual but when the time comes for them to be replaced, it’s important to do so in order to ensure the safety and security of your garage door.

How State 48 Garage Doors Can Help You With Your Garage Door Rollers!


With intense use, garage door rollers tend to wear down over time and need to be replaced. If you’ve noticed a decrease in the way your door is rolling or that it takes too much effort to open and close the door, then it’s likely time for a roller replacement. Fortunately, State 48 Garage Doors specializes in these types of services and can have your problem solved right away! Our knowledgeable technicians provide top quality services with friendly customer service that will leave you feeling secure in your purchase decision. So, if you think your garage door rollers need attention- do not hesitate to reach out to State 48 Garage Doors for help!

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